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Enlarged Irregular Labia

Everyone has different facial features, body types, and coloring. There are also differences in female external genitalia, known as the vulva. Every woman is unique, and so is her body.

Women who struggle with an enlarged labia are sometimes limited in what they can wear and what activities they can engage in.  Others feel uncomfortable during sexual intercourse.

In most women, the labia aren’t symmetrical. It’s not at all unusual for one side to be larger, thicker, or longer than the other. There’s a wide spectrum of shapes and sizes as well.

While this is true, with the increasing trend of wearing yoga pants and workout pants, an enlarged labium can make it difficult to wear such clothes. Sexual intercourse can also be a challenge, as some female patients describe feeling extremely self-conscious when becoming romantically involved with their partners.

Symptoms of Enlarged Irregular Labia 

Symptoms can include:

Hygiene Problems

If the area is overly sensitive, you may be inclined to avoid touching it. It can also be trickier to clean between the folds of skin, particularly during your period. This may lead to chronic infections.


Long labia can rub on your underwear. Prolonged friction can lead to rough, irritated skin that’s very sensitive.

Pain and discomfort

Enlarged labia can hurt during physical activities, especially those that put pressure on the genital area. A few examples are horseback riding and bike riding.

Pain and discomfort can also occur during sexual foreplay or intercourse.


Dr. Molden and the staff at the Female Pelvic Health Center understand that an enlarged labia is a very private and sensitive condition. They will work with you to ensure you are comfortable and confident in any treatment plan they may recommend for you. Please schedule a private consultation today.


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