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Cosmetic Gynecology

Cosmetic Gynecology

Having an enjoyable intimate life is normal and healthy, but sometimes aging, childbirth, and genetics can make it difficult. Dr. Stephanie Molden, Board Certified Urogynecologist, is a feminine rejuvenation specialist offering the latest in vaginal cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures. Through her private and discrete cosmetic gynecology consultation, she can help you chose the right solution to restore your Intimate Wellness.

Women have many reasons for cosmetic gynecology procedures.  Some wish to restore their appearance and function after childbirth, while others seek feminine rejuvenation for repair, improved comfort, enhanced sexual pleasure, and renewed confidence. A cosmetic gynecology consultation with Dr. Molden is the first step in reclaiming your intimate wellness. Some of the most common procedures she performs are:

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Cosmetic Gynecology Procedures


Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure in which the vaginal walls and the vaginal opening are tightened to add firmness and tone to the body.

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This procedure rebuilds and tightens the vaginal muscles. Also, the entrance of the vagina is narrowed, providing the additional benefit of vaginal tightness for intercourse.

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Labiaplasty Minora or labia reduction is for the removal of excess, floppy, or uneven or damaged labia minora (smaller interior vaginal lips) that often causes chronic irritation, rubbing, or discomfort during sexual intercourse.

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Hymen restoration (hymenoplasty) can repair a torn hymen in patients who would like to restore their hymen.

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Labia Majora Augmentation

Pregnancy and aging can cause a sagging of the labia majora (outer lips), but Dr. Stephanie Molden offers the latest non-surgical technique to restore the area to its original form.

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Laser Anal Skin Tag Removal

Laser anal skin tag removal is a modern and minimally invasive procedure gaining popularity for its precision and reduced recovery time. Dr. Stephanie Molden, a board-certified urogynecologist, utilizes advanced laser technology for targeted removal, ensuring minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

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Whatever your reasons for cosmetic gynecology, the FPHC team is discreet, empathetic, and knowledgeable. Schedule your cosmetic gynecology consultation with Dr. Molden in her Newtown (Bucks County), PA office today or click here to request a virtual consultation.

Dr. Stephanie Molden Earns Top Doctor Awards