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Urge Urinary Incontinence

urge urinary incontinence

What is Urge Urinary Incontinence?

Leakage that occurs after suddenly feeling the need to urinate; The loss of bladder control is a common and often embarrassing problem. The severity ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you have the urge to urinate or on the way to the bathroom to a more severe problem that's so sudden and strong you just can’t get to a toilet in time. A common cause is abnormal nerve signals that result in bladder spasms.

At the Female Pelvic Health Center we are experts in treating urinary incontinence, with many of the treatments performed at our center in Newtown, PA.



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Other Treatment Options for Urge Incontinence

Bladder Training

This treatment for urge incontinence involves teaching a patient to urinate according to a timetable rather than an urge to do so. The scheduled time between trips to the bathroom gradually increases as the patient's bladder control improves.

The Bladder Diet

This is a list of dietary irritants to the bladder. Avoiding the items on this list may greatly improve certain bladder symptoms such as frequency, urgency or pain.


Commonly prescribed drugs used in the treatment of urge incontinence include Detrol LA, Ditropan XL, Oxytrol patch, Sanctura, Enablex, Vesicare, Toviaz, and Gelnique.

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